Martial Arts Masters

of Push Hands,

Chi, Psychic Energy.

Vincent J. Daczynski

Chapter 13

There are martial arts grandmasters who have learned how to access an invisible energy force and apply it to their field of martial arts. The grandmasters know the secret of harnessing and channeling this powerful force which they can trigger at will by the simple casual wave of their hands. Such amazing abilities may be difficult for the Westerner to comprehend. But, to the Asian culture, these types of phenomena are common knowledge.

Below are some links to videos of martial arts masters who demonstrate their skills of using subtle energy to counter their opponents.

1. Taija Push Hands Grandmaster Huang Sheng Shyan repels a series of contenders with barely a touch of his hands.

2. Grandmaster Chen Manching illustrates art of push hands using hands and sword.

3. Professor Chen Manching and Robert W. Smith illustrate and explain the harnessing of chi.

4. Martial Arts Demonstration of Psychic Kinetic Power; Taichi chen, hypnotism energy power.

5. Psychic Power; amazing, Taichi chen vs. Tekondo, Kung fu.

6. Psychic Power; Taichi chen vs Tekondo, Kung fu. This Grandmaster simply holds his hand up to repel opponent.

7. Demonstration of Psychic Powers.

8. Martial Arts Match; Taichi chen - tremendous display of psychic power.

9. 90-Year Old Kung fu Master supports his weight on one finger.

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