His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.





Vincent J. Daczynski

Chapter 6

Simple Truths

Yoga Guru Sri Tat Wale Baba - Rishi of the Himalayas - delivers lecture.
Sri Tat Wale Baba, about age 80, delivers lecture.

As each question was asked in English Maharishi Mahesh Yogi translated to Hindi, then translated Tat Wale Baba's replies.

Student: Can he tell us of his master and the tradition he follows?

TWB: The Self is free from any tradition or nontradition.

MMY (adding his own comment): He is from the tradition of Shukadev. Shukadev was like him, not of this world. Away from it.

Student: Can he tell us what kind of meditation he does?

TWB: I am established in Vedanta and that way we talk about it, and we be. There is no practice as such.

Student: What do you think about Transcendental Meditation?

TWB: Transcendental Consciousness is the basis of all experience. Pure Consciousness is That through which we experience. That is not a thing which one can experience. And, all this world is in a state of Pure Consciousness, and it is through That that we experience everything. Pure Consciousness, or Transcendental Consciousness is nothing that we experience. Through That we are experiencing everything. That is the basis of all experience, and experiencing. So enjoy that state.

Student: Is it possible to increase one's capacity to enjoy that state?

TWB: We can increase it to any great extent through meditation. And as we go deeper, That will shine forth in our life outside. So, it's possible to increase our ability to be That. And, that is through meditation.

Student: Does he have any techniques that he teaches his disciples?

TWB: We are sitting in the forest, and when we are sitting in the forest we have some purpose to perform, and with that we are sitting. If some seeker comes and asks, fine. We give advice. Otherwise, we don't have much time. We are in the forest, and we are in the forest for some purpose. But, if some seeker comes, fine. His doubts are cleared and removed.

Student: Does he think that his way of life helps the rest of mankind or only him?

TWB: All these saints meditating and established in the Self, they are the basis for all this running of the entire universe, and they are the basis of the whole thing, and not for themselves alone. Their good vibrations are influencing societies for their advancement.

Student: Like a powerhouse?

TWB: Like a powerhouse. The powerhouse is in Delhi and the bulb is shining here. It is not the bulb that is shining. It's the power from the powerhouse. It is the saints established in their Self who are infusing life into the whole universe. And, it is they who have found Smriti Purananam (Vedic codes of behavior). It is they who have found the essentials, the realities of life, and have taught to the world various conducts of living; ways of realization of the Self, ways of realization of God, and all these higher states of life. It is they who have brought wisdom home to the world, and they are at the basis of all the increasing prosperity of the world through their vibrations and through their attainment.

Student: How much sleep does he require?

TWB: If I sleep what will happen to the world? Asleep and awake - the sleep and awake is the nature of the mind. Sometimes the mind sleeps, sometimes it is awake. If I sleep, the whole basis of the world would be sleeping and then there will be left nothing. So, I don't sleep. If someone sleeps it is the mind. The Self doesn't sleep. All these states of waking, dreaming; they belong to the mind. They are not the state of the Self. And, if you speak of my sleeping, I don't sleep because the Self doesn't sleep. If the Self sleeps then the whole world would go into sleep.

Student: Is there any difference between the time that he is meditating and the time when he is not meditating, in how he feels, or his interaction with the environment?

TWB: Meditating for some time, one gets established permanently in the state of being. And then, wherever the mind goes one is established in that Self no matter what one does here or there; it doesn't matter when one is established in the Self. And, that state comes after some time from going deep inside and coming out. With this practice one gets established permanently in the Self, and then whatever you do you are not separate from the Self.

Students: Are you living in that state now?

TWB: That which is unborn, eternal, we can't talk about it in terms of time. In terms of time the Self can't be talked.

Student: Does he feel that there is more to attain?

TWB: What is there to be gained or attained? That which is to be gained is omnipresent, and we are That, and it's already attained. As long as the mind has been wavering only in the changing relative, so long it was out of sight. And, when the mind has been concentrated and has attained to that level, nothing new has happened. The thing that was there, it is there. Nothing new has happened or has been attained. Nothing! That which was there is there even now, and was even before. Only the difference is in the mind; the mind was unaware of That and now the mind is aware. So, what is there to talk about attainment of further states?